We’re Number 1 (Again)!

danceparisInternational Living has done its annual quality-of-life ranking of almost 200 countries. And the winner is (drum roll)…FRANCE! This comes as no surprise to anyone who saw the website’s winners for 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006. Because France won for those years, too.

France always nets high scores in most categories. But you don’t need number-crunchers to tell you its¬†bon vivant lifestyle is special. Step off a plane and you’ll experience it first-hand.I always wish quality of life indicators could measure a country’s heart and soul. But it’s impossible to enumerate the joy of lingering for hours over dinner and a bottle of red wine in a Parisian brasserie. Or strolling beside the Seine on a spring morning, poking through the book vendors’ wares. Or buying buttery croissants in bohemian Montmartre…hearing Notre Dame’s bells…walking antique streets paved with poetry.¬†Romantic Paris offers the best of everything, but services don’t fall away in Alsace’s wine villages…in wild and lovely Corsica…in lavender-scented Provence. Or in the Languedoc of the troubadors, bathed in Mediterranean sunlight.

The United States–land of opportunity, etc–ranked 7th.

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  1. Comment by Jessica | 01/18/10 at 4:59 pm

    That sounds wonderful! Where is this list?

    My parents are coming to visit me in June and I’m meeting them in Paris…since I live in Lille I don’t know which places to take them to eat! What are some great places with good food at low prices that are undiscovered by the hoards of tourists? I thought you might could do some featured posts on what to check out. I’d love to take them to truly unique cafes and restaurants that aren’t always talked about but are awesome.


  2. Comment by Kristiina Weber | 01/21/10 at 8:51 pm

    I love Paris and France.
    I have always loved people bold enough to think outside the box and I give thumbs up for the relaxitivity of French people. This is something most of us try to achieve for all of our lives and still we do not acomplish it. I dream about the nature of a true French-man.

    Well, you can read my honest thoughts about France and more particular Paris (at his current time) on kristiinaweber.com.

    Keep rolling :)

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