Where to Donate Clothing

Now that you’ve all stuffed your tiny Parisian closets full of new clothing from the winter sales, time to clean out the old stuff you never wear. There are many places in Paris to donate used clothing (Croix Rouge, Emmaüs, etc), but they are not centrally located nor open at all hours. The easiest option is also one of the oldest: Le Relais is a 30-year-old non-profit association which has metal collection boxes all over Paris, some so discreet you probably walk past them every day without noticing them. You can deposit clothing (even hats, scarves, gloves, etc), shoes (tied together), and any type of linens, in any condition, in the boxes 24/7 (see the map here). Not only do you reduce landfill waste, you’re also providing socially responsible jobs for people “en situation d’exclusion”. Items in good condition are sold for a low price to those in need at the Ding Fring shops around France (two in Paris), and clothing that can’t be resold is recycled into cleaning rags for industrial use or even cotton-based insulation for the building industry.


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