Why the La Poste Bank Sucks

French banks all have a legislative bank code that they have to adhere to, and it states that if someone steals your check book or your bank card, and makes fraudulent purchases with it, the bank has to reimburse you. Good deal, right?

It is unless you are with La Poste. You see, it turns out that La Poste has their own legislative postal code that governs them, and when the laws were passed allowing La Poste to become a bank, they were really sneaky about it, and stuck it in at the end of a really long day – ie the legislators were still in session and voting at 1am. So by that point, no one was really examining things very clearly, and they just passed the laws without looking too closely at them. Which is how La Poste managed to have it written into the postal code that if you lose your checkbook or bank card and purchases are made, tough cookies for you. Ie unlike the other banks, they have no legal obligation to reimburse you for fraudulent charges. Pretty scary, non?


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