Wine in Baby Bottles?!

It can be difficult to keep a night out drinking in Paris on the thrifty side. Even those from other capital cities can be astounded at the price of a simple glass of wine. Part of the reason for this is a tax on wine served in glasses. But Le Refuge des Fondus has gotten around this little problem by presenting your drink not in a glass but in a large glass baby bottle, complete with teat. The only difference is a sizable hole cut in the top, to allow for easier—and faster—drinking.

Le Refuge des Fondus is a formule-only restaurant, so the wine comes coupled with either a vast steaming pot of gooey cheese fondue with chunks of fresh bread for dipping, or a pan of hot oil in which patrons can fry bite-size chunks of meat on long metal skewers.

Perhaps it’s because of the quirky way the drinks are presented, or the shared fondue: this is very much an elbows-in, friendly environment. Dinner is served at long wood tables, and customers sit side by side on adjoining wood benches. At first you might be reluctant to pick up your drink, but once you’ve seen your neighbor suckle on a baby bottle, it’s impossible to be shy. And for those who don’t drink wine, don’t think you can get off so easy. Even soft drinks arrive in this manner. A word to the wise: the baby bottles are deceptively large, and hold decidedly more than your average glass of wine.

17, rue des Trois Freres, 75018, Metro: Abbesses

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  1. Comment by Diana | 08/01/11 at 11:24 am

    You had me at Fondu! But I must admit that the baby bottle is indeed an original idea! Only would the French think of such a great idea!

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