Yesterday’s Agenda

Vintage, blank mini-agenda books are one of those items you see often enough in Paris flea markets, but no so much in US ones. Last year I snagged a blank 1974 agenda after doing a quick check on my iPhone to discover that the dates of each month back then fell on the same days of the week as in 2013. Today, fortuitously, I happened upon a 1958 agenda, with it original small metal mechanical pencil. Similar deal: January 1 in ’58 fell on a Wednesday, as it will tomorrow. These vintage books usually have beautiful color maps of the metro in front and the entire planet in back. Perforated pages allow you to tear little pieces off each week to quickly find the current date in the book. And with this latest, I discovered a somewhat obscure holiday: Mi-Carême, a time celebrated since the Middle Ages. From an (inevitable) website dedicated to this holiday:

The essence of the carnival-like Mi-Carême is a spirit of joy, laughter and mockery that contrasts with the Lenten period of austerity, severity and penance leading up to Easter. Lent begins the day after Ash Wednesday and ends the day before Easter. Mi-Carême literally means the middle of Lent. The Mi-Carême tradition crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the first French-speaking settlers to the New World.

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