Yet Another Grève

Today’s strike is brought to you by the taxis of Paris. The drivers were not granted the meeting they requested with the Minister of the Interior, so they are not working today, and may even block traffic to make their colère known.

2 Responses to “Yet Another Grève”

  1. Comment by Gav Cunningham | 06/30/11 at 8:57 pm

    They are not known for their bon homie at the best of times!

    Great to find your blog, Ms. Pike! I’ve been a fan since your ‘Manhattan Cable’ days. Wishing you all the very best in Paris and I’ll share the blog address with my friends who love your wit and style.

    Panache is what you brought to late night Channel 4 in the UK and who could forget your interview with Spielberg’s mom on ‘Moviewatch’? You even made one girl I know go on the road to media training.
    Great to read your stuff again!

    Och aye the noo from Bonnie Scotland, we owe you a dram anytime you are Edinburgh bound! Maintain the great work!

    Gav Cunningham

  2. Comment by lidiajp | 07/01/11 at 12:36 pm

    We`have done here in Hungary in 1987./ It was Huge, unexpected, Taxis bock, taxis blocked everything, the government couldn`t do a f… about it. I was still in school and managed to catch the last bus home,jammed with loads of people.

    The people out there helped and took food to taxi drivers, so they can hold the strike on. It was on for days.

    Success was declared, sadly couple of months later, all was the same. BUt the point was that they did, tried it at least, went against it.

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