Yet More SoPi Dining

We love SoPi (South Pigalle, dontchaknow), we love Japanese food, we love small plate dining and we love bento boxes – ergo we absolutely fricking adore new Paris restaurant, Tsubame, which combines all of these elements in one neat package. On a corner spot on the sloping roads leading down from Pigalle, the simple, no-frills setting is the backdrop for a bento-box lunch spot, serving fish, meat or veggie options (inlcuding breaded pork served on rice with lotus root and spinach on our visit) in the daytime, and an izakaya – essentially a Japanase tapas bar (and a nascent Paris trend) – in the evening, with small plates to share, washed down with Nikka whisky, wine, sake or tea. Don’t miss the distinctive black sesame ice cream or the original matcha creme brûlée for pudding.

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